Nursing staff and Switzerland in the spotlight in "Stamps asset"

"Thank you to caregivers," proclaims the "one" of Trump stamps dated May 15-June 15."They are on the front line during the epidemic of Covid-19, we dedicate this thematic" to five pages: many stamps issued by postal administrations around the world have the theme nurses (with, for example, "International Nurses Day", traditionally celebrated on May 12), the Hippocratic Oath, the Red Cross (including the French stamp issued in 1939 for the 75th anniversary of the Red Cross) and the Red Crescent, carers in wartime, and the inescapable Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), "British pioneer of the organization of modern care and training in the nursing function which she raised to the rank of full profession ”.

The monthly distinguishes some stamped successes, such as these vignettes from Venda, in South Africa, on a “lesson in anatomy” or “practical application on a patient”, within the framework of a school of training of nurses in Shayandima."The relationship of trust between caregiver and caregiver" is illustrated using three stamps from Israel, Germany and South Africa.Focus on uniforms, in Alderney and Finland.

Concerning the caregivers in time of war, one finds, for France, the stamp Red Cross of 1966 (paramedic of 1859 treating a wounded) or Nicole Mangin (1878-1919), “only woman doctor assigned to the front during the first war with the wounded, nurses and an ambulance in the background "(stamp from 2015) or the very beautiful stamp from 2014 drawn by Sylvain Chomet on" the white angels "," nickname given to French nurses during the First World War "

Posted Date: 2020-07-14

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